A new age approach to inspiring success in students. 

Emotional Intelligence  

Rather than telling students what they should and shouldn't do, NFBD builds self-awareness by discussing issues students face from within. This inspires them to WANT to make changes to their habits.



Social media has opened many doors for teens. They use it to stay informed, find entertainment, and build relationships. NFBD meets teens where their attention is with a huge social media presence, allowing our positive message to be reinforced daily through entertaining content.  

Jordon’s enthusiasm, passion, & message brought forth the first standing ovation by a speaker in the 7 years I have been at Poland.
— Kevin Snyder, Principal at Poland Seminary High School
It’s a very powerful message that kids in other school districts in the country hopefully get a chance to hear.
— Dr. Chris Gill, Principal at Hickory High School
I’ve never had kids stop me in the halls after a speaker to tell me how much they enjoyed it & today I’ve had more than I can count.
— Nicole Phillips Porter, Teacher at Hickory High School