2019 NFBD


Touchdown Celebrations Encouraged
NFL Player Appearances
Live DJ & Giveaways

June 2nd - Starts at 7:30pm | Location: Cupples Stadium - Pittsburgh, PA

The Game consists of 70 Division I & Division II commits from 10 different states. These young high school seniors will be motivated, encouraged & coached from the sidelines by current Division I athletes, as well as current NFL players. They will all be in attendance to help spread the central message: Never Fear Being Different.

2019 NFBD All Star Football Game Promo Video


Recap of Last Year

Last year, current Los Angeles Rams Defensive Tackle & 2017 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Aaron Donald along with the Pittsburgh Steelers first round draft pick, Terrell Edmunds attended the game. On top of that, 30 current Division I players from various schools were also in attendance. Many of them are expecting to be eventual NFL Draft selections.

This is more than just a game.

What’s the Problem? High school athletes are often inspiring to many people and these athletes’ spheres of influence are constantly seeing rapid growth. This especially applies to high level athletes, some of which are already verified on Twitter. These high school athletes even serve as role models to adults, but more importantly to children across their communities & social media platforms. They develop these huge platforms & influence, but never seem to receive proper guidance on how to leverage it most effectively. NFBD recognizes the potential for these individuals to lead & have a positive impact on their peers.

The Solution: You may be wondering, how is a football game going to change the way athletes choose to use their platforms? Well, this is more than just a game. The athletes participate in a week of workshops & practices where they will learn: How to effectively use their platforms/influence & how to successfully not fear anything. The workshops are centered around role model development, effective online leadership, personal branding & emotional intelligence.

This year will mark the first year that NFBD will be providing a FREE kids camp, an NFBD benefit dinner, as well as panels & keynotes held by current & former pro players! Through these panels & keynotes the participating athletes will engage in positive conversation on social impact & responsibility in sports.

NFBD helped me grow comfortable with my true self. It brought out a new side of me and gave me the confidence to express it.
— Justin Marshall, Student/Football Player at University of Louisville