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-Standing out with your passion 

-overcoming adversity

-Goal Setting  

-Growth Mindset

-Developing a Positive mindset  

-Drugs & Alcohol

-Empowerment (Anti-Bullying)

-The blueprint to success


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Its easy to point out a problem.  It seems that's all anyone is doing these days. But does anyone have a solution?


NFBD Does..


ANyone can tell someone not to do something. That's all children hear. Don't do drugs. Don't bully. don't be negative. right. They should't do these things. But what can make them not do them...Because just telling them doesn't work.


The message doesn't matter if they aren't ready to listen


It doesn't matter the age. By creating an "I'm in charge so you listen" relationship, you hold all the power and leave the other feeling powerless.  Frustration and lacking hope is what causes most young individuals to make negative decisions.


       NFBD Will Empower kids


Young successful adults passionately showing they care, create something real for children.  NFBD is a bridge between the older generation and the younger generation. We understand what it takes to thrive in the real world, while still being able to relate to the frustration of being a young person that just wants to be understood.


Social Media. Music. Movies. False Role models

Who says whats cool? The majority. But who creates the majority? Society. So how does a being "positive" and "successful" become a social norm?


Social Change

Nfbd will cause a social change. This is a network of young, successful individuals, dedicated to being positive. NEVER FEar being different means its okay to not fit in. Its okay to not be in the majority. we want to create a commonality amongst all that pledge to never fear being different. We want their passion to be what defines each individual, not their insecurities and desire to fit in.



NFBD doesn't just show up once and leave. Nfbd is a movement. One speaking appearance doesn't mean a one time impact like other motivational speakers. nfbd welcomes all that take part in an nfbd session into the movement. They are a part of nfbd. They are NFBD. This holds these individuals accountable. this creates an impact that lasts a lifetime. 


NFBD x Revolutionary

This is an organization. A Brand. A movement. THis is something people will be proud to be a part of.  this isn't your average motivational Speaking appearance. There will be frequent content that keeps the interest of its members. This is interactive. This is dynamic. This is a social media presence. This is ongoing. This is life changing. 


Never. Fear. Being. Different.