What is NFBD?

The internet has allowed entertainment to be extremely accessible.  Regardless of your interest or sense of humor, you can find something to spend your time on. One thing became evident with the content being created - Everything was focused on clicks and views.  This meant materialistic & artificial vlogs, faked social experiments & pranks, and extreme, polarizing points of view to induce outrage.  Those that were good at being entertaining weren't worried about providing any educational value -they didn't need to. The media companies providing education and inspiration weren't entertaining. Where does this leave those looking to be entertained, motivated, and informed? Who could they trust to offer them something to provide smart entertainment?

NFBD was created out of frustration. Founder/CEO, Jordon Rooney, thought of the acronym out of frustration with society.  The idea of individualism seemed scarce. The following of mindless trends and negativity inundating those that grew up in the age of the internet became an annoyance. The frustration grew on him until he decided to turn the negative energy into something positive. The acronym would turn into a platform, a "movement", something for similar individuals to rely on to provide the answer to the frustration he felt.

"We needed to figure out how to get people to care before we could expect them to believe in what we are doing." - Jordon

NFBD started as a free camp and mentoring program in his hometown. Jordon enlisted the help of his good friends Markus Allen and Dave Wright. Dave would go on to become VP. Together they launched free programs for 300 3rd-12th graders. They were able to get footage and pictures. A social media following was beginning to grow. It was a new approach to something that had been done one way for decades.

"Why can't a positive message be interesting? Why can't you be educated and entertained at the same time? Stop telling people what they should or shouldn't do and pointing out everything that's wrong with society. Start inspiring them with things they like to do."

The next step was to grow. But, how? That's when the first speaking appearance became available. Principal Kevin Snyder of Poland Seminary High School (OH) was intrigued. He offered Jordon an opportunity to speak at a school assembly. Jordon had an extreme case of social anxiety disorder and hated the idea. But, what if this is how NFBD can grow?

"Jordon's enthusiasm, passion and message brought forth the first standing ovation by a motivational speaker in the 7 years I have been at Poland Seminary"

-Principal Kevin Snyder, Poland Seminary High School (OH)

Jordon and Dave quit their jobs soon after and decided they would figure out a way to get NFBD in schools across the country. 50 schools in 6 states would hear Jordon's message over the next year and a half with Dave recording and handling business operations.

"I remembered how every teacher, speaker, and coach talked to me when I was younger. I was so frustrated by the ones that pretended to care and excited by the ones that genuinely did. I wanted to be myself and show that I had something to offer them that I wish I would have had. No matter how nervous I was, I told myself I had no choice but to be the best at this I could. I have to make this work."

Videos of speaking appearances were creating buzz. NFBD's social media presence grew. 100,000 likes on Facebook. 22,000 on Instagram. This wasn't just a positive message. This was an approach young people were waiting for. They were tired of being told what to do, they wanted solutions to figure out for themselves.

With the help of Tom Scott of LCCAP in New Castle, NFBD received their first office space. An after-school program was created on a limited budget. 45 3rd - 6th graders attended 3 days a week after school in the Spring of 2016.

In January of 2017, NFBD received their nonprofit 501(c)(3) status. Around that same time, Jordon and Dave heard of a pitch competition at Ascender, a coworking space in Pittsburgh. Feeling overwhelmed against 25 other startup owners, they decided they would stay true to their approach since NFBD was created. They would stay true to who they were. NFBD won and was granted office space next to Google in Pittsburgh along with frequent mentoring on building the business.

"We weren't making money. We didn't know what to do. I was planning a wedding. We both turned down jobs making significant money for one that was only causing us to lose it. Then at the exact time we needed it, we had a breakthrough with Ascender" - Dave

Now, NFBD is establishing their nonprofit has a physical and online presence. Both will provide smart, impactful messaging. Things won't ever be too serious, but they will always have meaning. A nonprofit that's branded correctly and has a mission to help and EXCITE people - NFBD is taking the next steps to be a serious presence in the nonprofit and media world. 

The physical programming by Jordon will continue to have a focus on building emotional intelligence. It's an effort to get people to understand themselves better, which can help further their careers and overall happiness. 

"It wasn't until I learned about my own insecurities and limitations I was placing on myself that I was able to truly grow"  -Jordon

NFBD will be in 12 states in 2017 and is looking for more schools to partner with.

The online blog is now being launched. There will also be webinars and advice for those looking for guidance or to have their life be rejuvenated. NFBD hopes to bring a positive presence to the brands they partner with. They will be able to get the attention of a younger audience and put their name on something that's responsible in the least boring way possible.

If you are interested in partnering with NFBD in any aspect, Email Jordon@NFBD.org